Why You Need a Blog

If you are not particularly familiar with blogs, or the web as a whole, the value of blogs may be hard to grasp. Online marketing firm HubSpot studied 1531 small and medium businesses who have an online presence to see what a difference blogging makes. Among their findings:

  • Sites with blogs had 55% more visitors. Each and every visitor is a chance at a sale, so, the more eyes on your site, the better.
  • Sites with blogs had four times as many indexed pages on major search engines. The more pages of your site that come up in search engine searches, the better the chances that a visitor will make it to one of your pages.
  • Sites with blogs were 97% more likely to have inbound links from other sites. When you blog, other bloggers take notice. When they use your blog posts as references and link to your site, you have a better chance of interested readers finding your site.