Effective Marketing for Your Crowdfunding Project

Whether you are fully funded or still seeking contributors, a sound marketing strategy can help you achieve your goals. Social and content marketing are uniquely well-suited for crowdfunding projects. But, you need to do things just right to make the most of your efforts. A few simple rules:

crowdfundingRule 1: Start early.

The earlier you begin to build anticipation for your project, the better your results will be. Create a robust online presence with profiles on Facebook and Twitter, as well as a blog on your site. Share updates often with the people who have funded you.

Rule 2: It’s all about community.

As a crowdfunding venture, you already have a leg up over traditionally funded venture: there is already an audience that is emotionally invested in your product. Share freely with them, and they will repay you by sharing your posts and talking you up to their family and friends.

Rule 3: Don’t be shy about sharing.

Tell everyone you know about your crowdfunding project. Reach out to people you don’t know, as well, who are in the sector that you’d like to reach. For instance, if you are building a game, drop a friendly email to a number of video game bloggers to tell them about your gaming project and what makes it of interest to them. Many bloggers are always on the look-out for content, and, if you approach them right, they’ll be happy to share your story.

Rule 4: Give to your community.

When you post online, don’t just promote your project. Seek out and create resources that are of value to the people who would be interested in your product. For instance, if you are creating a grilling tool, post links to grilling recipes and write posts about the best grilling methods. Social marketing experts recommend that promotional posts should make up only about 10% of what you share online. The balance should be witty quotes, pictures, and useful articles, some written by you, some that you found elsewhere and chose to share.

How do you know that content marketing is effective? It’s what brought you to this page. If the process of marketing your crowdfunding project has you overwhelmed, or whether you feel it’s something you’d rather delegate to someone else, please get in touch. I’d be happy to sit down with you for a free consultation to help you determine where you’d like to take your venture’s marketing.

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