Are You Making This Major Social Media Mistake?

beware of buying followersMost people marketing online understand that they need a presence on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. But, establishing a following can feel like an endless uphill climb. You make posts, you answer questions, you retweet and follow. But, your network seems to grow slowly, if at all.

You’ve probably seen operations selling Facebook and Twitter followers. The price is usually pretty low, with a price of pennies per account. It can bet tempting to buy an instant 1000-strong following. But, this is a mistake that will harm your business more than it could ever help.

No one on that list is a legitimate business prospect.

Remember, the ultimate point is to cultivate new customers. And, almost none of the followers you get will even come from the Tampa Bay area. They are, instead, fake accounts run by one or two people who will never even look at your updates. You will get no business from these new followers.

Your investment will disappear.

You may feel that the appearance of having a popular page is enough to get real people in the room. But often, when you buy likes, those followers evaporate within days. Many accounts get banned for spamming. In other cases, the fake account operators will un-follow in an attempt to get the unwary to buy their services all over again. Either way, it’s money down the drain.

Your Account Can Get Suspended for Spamming

Twitter and Facebook are quick to suspend people they think are manipulating the system. And, this sort of gaming is very obvious to their system since likes and follows all appear in a period of hours. Plus, a good portion of the accounts you associate yourself with when you buy likes have already been flagged as possible spammers.

In the end, you are better off building an organic local Tampa following, no matter how slowly it goes. A few ways to gain influence:

  •  Share expert advice from the leaders in your field, both here in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the country. It shows that you are plugged in to the important influencers in your industry.
  •  Interact. Reply when customers post on your page. Retweet compliments.
  •  Evoke emotion and involvement. Pose thought-provoking questions. Share photos that are funny or emotionally evocative.
  •  Keep it all up. Social involvement is an ongoing process. It takes time to build relationships and work to sustain them. By dedicating a little time each day, or hiring a professional to do so in your stead, you can build the trust that leads to professional relationships.